Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Day 4 at the Victoria and Albert Museum #LDF14 #LDFredesign

It's been the 4th day, and I am excited as we are back to my key piece for the week, which we hope to have complete before our talk on Wednesday at 4pm in Seminar Room 3, just a few steps down the hallway from our open workshop at Level 3 of the Learning Centre of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Galapagos Designs' Charlie with his staple gun, ensuring the tension is good along the back, before we add the final backing, a beautiful blue corduroy that I have died myself, like all the other corduroy on this chair, as I couldn't find the colours I wanted anywhere.

Above you can see how my design mirrors itself for each side of this 'love seat', and the  yellow and coral corduroy on the sides.

And below my favourite bit to finish the whole sofa off: the wonderful work of Kaja Kippenberg, who is part of my company, for PR and communications - and in her words "knits to relax!" In this case she has been a whiz with her crochet needles and her maths to ensure this 'leg warmer' fits like a glove ...

.. and wait until tomorrow when we show you the final final finishing touch!

Or, if you happen to be in London this week, do pass by at our live workshop at the Victoria and Albert Museum's Learning Centre on Level 3. We'll be there all week, showing, telling, making ... 

You can read up on our event at the London Design Festival events web page and our hashtags for the week are: 
#LDF14 #LDFredesign


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