Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bikes, bikes, bikes!

I have been on a mission these last few months walking around my local area, capturing the 'moment' with my camera and my subject has been 'the bike'... 
Their varying colours, styles & frames, or the way they have been locked to a pillar or a post is what has made me stop and shoot. With and without their owners in sight - their personality still shines through!

Before I was even aware of the Duchamp exhibition and live events at the Barbican I had dreamed up these cushions to compliment my bike wheels repeat design and I was originally inspired by Duchamp using specific mass produced objects and presenting them as  'works of art' or as he called his bicycle wheel on a kitchen stool 'readymade' - which linked him to the Dada movement of his time - and widely cemented him as the father of conceptual art. The exhibition at the Barbican is well worth a visit there's something for everyone with dance performances, a singing ghost, beautiful piano performances with no hands, and of course inspiring historical art!


 Bike wheel Natural cushion with gusset

Using all my images I have taken I have created this figurative repeat design which has been partly inspired by my love for Scandinavian textiles - with their lightness and simplicity - mixed in with my passion for all things made of paper! - I wanted a vintage feel with a modern twist, so i created the background texture using imagery of old textured paper stock - and the bikes ride leisurely across the design in their individual glory.... here are a few of the products, the repeat design is still evolving, as I collect more bikes to add to it, so we will be adding new products in the autumn.


  1. Love the bike photos, what a great subject. I know a lot of bike heads that will love the paper too!

  2. Thanks Dylan!
    Spread the word ;-)