Sunday, 20 July 2014

Out now: the first of my series of participatory bicycle artworks, 'For the Love of Urban Bikes'

If you follow my blog, you know that I did the first shooting for my series of art projects around bikes and participatory urbanism last November. (You can read up on the open call here, if you are visiting my blog for the first time.)

I'm excited to say that the artwork is out now as a limited edition of 100 giclee fine art prints (594mm x 840mm)that are all signed by me and are available exclusively on my website.

So here's a bit of background on the making:

On an empty parking lot off Broadway Market in Bethnal Green, my sister and I set up a white backdrop for everyone to ride onto and pose for me. Can you tell from the picture below that the day started bright and was nice and cold? It was freezing.

Lots of lovely people came, and just to give you a taster, I show you a few close-ups from the day below, starting with the fabulous Della Tinsley of ELDS.

The gorgeous lady below had come across my open call flyer and when she read up on the project on my blog, she noticed that I had photographed her 'lone' bike, so that enticed her to come along to be photographed with it ... aren't they a match?

 Fancy helmet ...

... a bike for good measure ...

Bonny and Clyde on bikes?


The day made for much laughter and joy and I enjoyed focusing on the connection between the owners and their two wheels - in most cases, as we also had a uni cycle and a three wheel scooter. 

The most noticeable aspect for me as the photographer was how the bicycle worked as a  prop that brought out everyone's unique smiles and happy attitudes. That's why I decided to align all the portraits on one large sheet ... it was lots of work to clean up every shot, so the whites are all equal. 

And here it is: 'For the Love of Urban Bikes'!

To purchase a print or to check it out in more detail please visit my website.

Thank you to all who came along and a special thank you to ELDS for helping to spread the word, and make us cups of tea all day to keep me smiling and warm inside :-)

Bye for now