Thursday, 20 September 2012

Joy of Living

Maggie’s Cancer Charity 'Joy Of Living' opened last night at the designjunction - with a live auction with a Christie's auctioneer, so far they have raised over £7k.... but we really hope to get more, so please take a look at what there is left or better still go there yourself. The Old Post office building will be open until the 23rd September.

The project is named after Maggie’s saying “Above all what matters is to not lose the joy of living in the fear of dying.” 

My auntie has just died from cancer, and I chose to make it in memory of her - she spent her last days surrounded by flowers with her 6 children and all their partners and offspring, and my Mum, sisters and I by her side. She had a sheepskin behind her head, which inspired me to search out for a pad filled with wool - I found a company who sell them here in the UK, and the wonderful lady by the name of Catherine Nelson, who I spoke to at  WoolSoft, very kindly donated the pad for the pillow. I then asked my lovely friend Bev Alvarez who is an absolute pro with all things knitted, sewn, or embroidered, to hand-embroider the back of the pillow ’with love’ .... now lets see what it fetches for the wonderful charity ....

I hope you can make it down as it is so worth a look at the space and the wonderful design brands on all 3 floors...

here are a few pics from last night:

Max Fraser on the mic opening the show...

Michael Marriott's Cheese stool ... 

Amos Marchant got involved and is pictured here bringing the Giles Miller screen forward to get the auction warmed up! Well done Amos..... you made a difference!

absolutely LOVE this Rainbow knit chair by Sam Johnson.


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