Monday, 15 September 2014

Day 2 at the V&A: Collaboration under way with Kyla McCullum from Foldability

Day 2: Kyla McCallum of Foldability joined us to make her folded origami pieces from my printed fabrics of abstracts from the corrugated roof tops of Iceland.

We started with the logistics of how we can ensure they will remain secure on the fabric of the chair, and then planned out the pattern they will form across the arms and back of the chair.

Below the blue chair in its original vintage state.

Kyla, preparing one of the arms of the chair. We have used bonda-web to attach the folded fabric directly to the new base fabric of the arm. In addition, we will hand stitch in various areas to ensure an even finish and no bulging, once the origami fabric is attached and stapled into place.

This is Charlie of Galapagos Designs, measuring the bare skeleton of the chair after arms and all insides have been removed. 

We didn't get a chance to include a picture of the waste collected from the old chair in this post, but you can see an image of the waste baskets from the day before on Galapagos Designs' blog.

Lastly, a close-up of the printed fabric origami pattern. We were so pleased! Thank you Kyla, for coming over for the day and making this happen!

If you, dear reader of this blog, are interested to see the finished chair, do pass by at the Victoria and Albert Museum's Learning Centre on Level 3. We'll be there all week, showing, telling, making ...

More info on our collaborative event is available at 

And our hashtags for the week are: 
#LDF14 #LDFredesign

More to come tomorrow - stay tuned!
Ella x

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