Thursday, 21 March 2013


It is time for a new competition, and a
s I have been going through my career history, preparing for my workshop at the Country Living Spring FairI thought that I could share some of the very early days with you and this competition asks you to answer a question from when i first started out... read on to find out!
I was always making things as a child, which eventually took me to art college to carry on creating ....

I travelled alone to India for Christmas during my second year of college, I learnt so much from the people I met and stayed with; their kindness and hospitality and the colours they wore inspired my degree collection at college....

whilst travelling to kenya after my degree show, i started to document images to inspire my textile patterns - the varying palm trees were unique designs in themselves!

and the salt plains were just one of the many inspiring places I visited - the expanse of sky against the rugged salt mined earth had to be witnessed to be understood, this photograph did not do it any justice!

it was on returning from Africa that I realised I had images I could use 'as' my designs, not just 'for' my designs...


If you would like the chance to win a Pinky umbrella the first thing you have to do is answer this question:

What did I make and sell to kick start my career as a designer at Top Drawer?

Please write your answer down and post it to us here in our our comment space (below) and we will collect all the names with the correct answer and pick a winner out of a hat and then announce it on the blog on the 15th of April.

PS. make sure to come back and check when the winner has been announced so that we can get in contact and we can send you your prize!

Good Luck!


  1. Probably a table mat ?

  2. Cushions!
    (Maggie, but I couldn't work out how to get the site to work. YOu will probably work out who it is!)

  3. thank you for your answers so far..... :-) be sure to check back when I announce the winner next week!

  4. Placemats and coasters. I absolutely ADORE the Pinky umbrella - my fingers are firmly crossed!!! Laura @highstreethome

  5. I will announce the winner tomorrow everyone, be sure to check out by close of day tomorrow!

  6. Table mats. Would love to walk around with the Pinky Umbrella. Good luck everyone!

    1. Congratulations Anja!

  7. You made and sold a photographic range of table mats and you won “Highly Commended Best New Product” for your ‘stones’ collection.

  8. We have announced the winner on a new post... view it here