Monday, 21 October 2013

Participatory Urbanism and my love of BIKES!

A beautiful thing has been unfolding over these past few months thanks to the connectivity of Instagram. I have made contact with the owner of one of the bikes that I photographed to create the Bikes of Hackney range, because of the lovely @bobbinbicycles who put me in touch with Eloise Moody from Moody and Farrel, after spotting her bike in my repeat design on the notebook. She is up for being part of my next project which I am planning and I would love as many of you to get involved as possible, so read on!

Here is her bike that I photographed - it has the most beautiful pea green colour - which is what caught my eye ... if you like the look of it and want to buy and customize your own, be sure to check out Bobbin Bicycles.

Now I am excited to announce that the lovely folk at East London Design Store (just off Broadway market E8) are preparing to launch my brand new Pop Art goes Design collection of products on the 7th of November. We are going to link up with Lucy Mortimer from Galapagus Designs to create some one-off upholstered chairs (which I am super excited about) and there will be new lampshades and all of my Bikes of Hackney collection available too. 

This bike belongs to Guido who works at East London Design Store - many of you may recognise it - as he is well known for riding the streets of London - the gold wheels on his bike are like works of Art!

I will kick start my new project during my installation at the store and want you to spread the word that I will be set up with my tripod and camera on the Saturday and Sunday of the 16th and 17th November outside East London Design Store at 6a Ada Street  London E8 4QU photographing you and your bike - come dressed to the nines or in your cycling pants, it doesn't matter, I want your individual characters to shine out along with your bicycles.

We are still planning all the details, so come back to the Blog and follow me on Instagram if you like.

Happy Monday everyone.

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