Monday, 27 February 2012

Competition Time!

Sunflower umbrella by British designer Ella Doran
Sunflower umbrella by Ella Doran

It is time for another competition and this time you can win a Sunflower umbrella!

All you have to do is to leave a comment where you explain to us why you should win this umbrella and in two weeks time the best reason to win an umbrella will be picked and the winner announced,

Sunflower umbrella by British designer Ella Doran
Sunflower umbrella by Ella DOran

Good Luck!


  1. Easy. This is simply THE best umbrella design. Love it. Want it. And if we don't win it. We'll have to buy it. Which now means we'll probably not win it.

  2. I love Sunflowers, they cheer me up, and i don't have an umbrella as I always manage to loose them. This is one umbrella I wouldn't leave on a train!!

  3. Oh fab! Let me see: Because the London weather so unpredictable that I need this cheerful umbrella for shelter when eating cake from the cake stand I have from your Habitat collection... ;-)

  4. Because I looooooooove sunflowers and I'll trade you a picture of mine of a sunflower for it !

  5. OOOhhhh because we love your designs! This umbrella is FABBY and would stop me being jelous of my childrens' cups, plates and tray from The Tate!:-D Also, because: I woke up at 5:00am this morning to a hungry, overtired and therefore grumpy baby of 14 weeks as he'd also been up at 1:00am, no hot water or heating, a minor flood in my living room from a pipe that spent all night leaking and a poorly 6 year old who through tears announced she had spots (chickenpox) and a hyper 5 year old who was extremely excited about dressing up for World Book Day which only added to my 6 year olds gloomy outlook:-( Please cheer me up with a sunny umbrella:-D xxxx

    1. Vanessa Hope - are the winner of this competition, please email us with your address to send the umbrella! info[@]
      PS I hope it cheers you up! and I hope your daughter is better now ;-)

  6. What a beautiful design! Really love it!
    I can imagine it as a part of outfit I'm making at the moment - knitted rainbow colour knee length socks and hand printed white dress with cheerful buttons.
    If i will be lucky, i will be even more happy! :)

  7. marjorie salanson5 March 2012 at 03:53

    je ne sais pas si ce concourt est ouvert à l'international,je tente ma chance quand meme :)
    sympa ce parapluie,merci pour ce jeu!

  8. Magnifique ce parapluie. Quand je le vois, j'ai envie qu'il pleuve.

  9. This Sunflower umbrella is very beautiful,I love it, I need to win this umbrella because i will be the most elegant in the rain and il's nearly my birthday ( it will be a gorgeous present!!!).Merci.

  10. hello
    I want this umbrella, why? because it is beautiful and it will make merry rainy days, it will brighten my complexion and it will make me happy!
    that's why I need it!
    thank you to you and congratulations for your creations;-)

  11. Thank you for all your great reasons.... I am loving one particular answer at the moment...! All will be revealed on monday next week.
    We all need a brolly especially after todays crazy weather

  12. We liked all the other answers so much that we have decided to give the rest of you who took part £7.50 off if you buy a Sunflower umbrella in our online shop, E-mail us so that we can give you the special discount code! Thanks for participating... . There'll be more competitions in the not so distant future!