Friday, 15 February 2013

Let me introduce the very talented Asa Wikman....

Asa Wikman on my bespoke stand @ Maison 2011  

It's high time I wrote a little post on the very talented Asa Wikman who is my right hand woman in the studio helping me make my designs come to life! 
Above and below are a few of her own beautiful designs, I have a   T- Shirt with this Budgie on that i LOVE.... you can buy them from her Etsy shop here

Great Moose design..... ;-)

Asa and I have a great working relationship, we tap into each others creative talents and inspire new techniques and ideas... she is also great at styling ranges and coming up with ideas on how to shoot our new collections.... so keep a look out for her as she has been busy outside of my work with lots of new things coming out like this new children's book in Swedish and English.

Go Asa!


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