Monday, 9 July 2012

Ella Doran's umbrella competition extended

I have extended the umbrella competition to the 27th of July as the rain continues to fall here in the UK. But, don't forget it is open to anyone to send in their picture of their Ella Doran umbrella. Here are a few pictures;

Joelle and her Aqua umbrella

Vashti Whitfield - Bristol

Chris Hawley - The New Forest emailed us this picture.
I have never seen so many of my umbrellas in one place at the same time.

Ella Doran Aqua umbrella

A happy couple getting married with an Ella Doran Pinky umbrella 

Here's Andrew Tullo's image of 12 soggy volunteers trying to keep dry under some leaves whilst building a Community Orchard in Oswestry.

Thank you all for all the lovely images! Keep them coming in and we will be announcing the winner on the 27th of July.To submit your images, please e-mail them to:

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