Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Paper bag making

Christmas is just a few days away so we thought we would share one of our favourite tricks, how to make lovely paper-bags!

Today is also the last day that Freya is with us in the studio, and she is phenomenal with all kinds of paper cutting and folding so we thought that we would ask her to make a little "how - to" and here it is;

1. You will need a glue stick, a hole puncher, paper (magazines, wrapping paper etc works perfectly) and some string and a scissor.

2. Start by folding over the long side of the paper by about an inch and glue down.

3.Turn the paper over and almost fold in half, leaving about 1 inch extra. Fold this extra over and glue

4.Now we will make the bottom of the bag, fold up about a third of the way up. Fold this out and crease down. Fold up over half way, see image. Either glue, tape or close the bottom with a nice sticker.

5. To make the sides of the bag we need to fold them on both sides.

7. Make holes for the handles with a hole puncher on both sides and make handles out of ribbon or string.

Voila, done!

Thank you Freya!

Freya is a london based illustrator specializing in bespoke paper cut works, designing and creating pieces and works from websites to weddings. She graduated from UAL London college of communication in june 2010 and has been working on various commissions since, from greetings cards, to album covers, to branding and logo's. Since October we have had the luck of having Freya with us for a three month long work-placement, and today is the last day,

Thank you so much Freya, you will be missed!

To see more of Freya's work please visit her blog.

This paper bag is made with our double sided flat wrap Stacks and Stripes.

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  1. That's amazing - thanks for sharing!