Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Royal London Hospital commissioned by Vital Arts

I have just completed a brilliant project for Barts and The London Children's hospital, in consulation with children, parents and patients, commissioned by Vital Arts. I have found the whole process, and working with the Vital Arts Team very fulfilling, both on a personal note and creatively. The main reason for this is because there is a real 'purpose' to the job.

My whole pitch was giving the child the 'prize' of the image, so rather than the visitor being bombarded with textile curtains in a ward, they are greeted by coloured panels; and the children, when having to be private, have the curtain drawn to reveal a made up London skyline. There are insects and animals hiding in the foreground and plenty to keep the boys and the girls distracted with boats and pirate ships on the water.
It has been a real challenge to ensure we can get the quality of print and saturation of colour on the finished article, the manufacturers have worked very hard with the odd prod from me to ensure the finished product is beautiful. I am very excited about actually seeing them all installed. I shall update you when the hospital opens. And I have more exciting news to follow this post on a further commission linked to this.

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