Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Collectionistas and Kavel Rafferty with The Mill Co. Project

`Collectionistas ́
I was asked by my lovely friend Kavel Rafferty (of which I designed and photographed the PorTables with) to come up with a print for a Risograph print show at The Mill Co. Project London
This is what she wrote for us to get inspired:

I love the obsession inherent in collecting. The completist, whether finding that all-
important last football sticker to finish their sticker book or one of those committed men
(more often than not) standing on a rainy platform furtively scribbling down train
numbers. The amateur hobbyist, complete with vast selection of frogs/bottle
tops/records/paper fruit wrappers/tram tickets/whatever; I always admired those kids at
school who had a million different shaped and coloured erasers (they were called
rubbers then, before Aids)... I loved their dedication and their neatness and I got dizzy
just trying to imagine how much pocket money they got.
It ́s all valid.
There something religious about this devotion. It ́s repetitive, inspiring and, well,
ultimately pointless. Long live the anoraks!

this inspired me to get my camera out around my home, as I live with 3 collectors other than myself:

My son Sam's bley blades, he was very keen to make them all spin for me...... this is his design once I had taken all the photographs...

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